Jamestown City Library

Library Services Offered

  • Open WiFi Network
  • E-readers and E-book
  • DVD checkout
  • Inter-Library loan, patron pays return postage
  • Talking books service through CKLS
  • Pre-school story time programs 20 per year
  • Summer reading program
  • Large print books
  • Educational programs
  • Cultural programs
  • Programs for entertainment
  • Rural book service through CKLS
  • Research request handled through CKLS
  • Photocopying

Wireless Internet Services:

The Library provides a limited number of internet connections for patron’s personal laptops, tablets and handheld devices. Although staff will make reasonable efforts to maintain the wireless connections and supporting network access, the Library provides no guarantee concerning the availability, performance and reliability of internet access for personal computers. Other than the network and connection port, the library provides no equipment or support services for personal laptop users from the general public. Patrons assume all liability for use of the Library’s internet connection.

Services to Groups and Organizations:

Library is available for cultural and educational meetings with Librarian or a member of the board present.

School – Public Library Relationship:

Cooperation at all times.

Physical Facilities:

  • Aim to keep up to date within limitations of the budget.
  • Handicap accessible